Our Products

Reconditioned Jewelry pieces refurbished by 2nd Chance Trinkets (Optimized Designs) make needed repairs to bring each item back to its former state. Since many costume jewelry pieces (including designer) are made from inexpensive materials, they often need to be reconditioned to look luxurious again. 2nd Chance Trinkets (Optimized Designs) does this by repairing chains, re-plating, and replacing missing stones, etc. No other alterations are made on the pieces in this collection, and are sold as-is. Anytime an original piece needs repair; photos will be provided to see the transition from the original to the reconditioned state, when applicable.

Repurposed Designer Jewelry created by 2nd Chance Trinkets (Optimized Designs) uses authentic designer buttons, brooches, zipper pulls, buckles, locks, leather, keychains, and more. Each piece has been recycled from old items such as clothing, bags, belts, buckles, and keychains or have been assessed as authentic original pieces that are beyond repair to fall into the Reconditioned category. These pieces still have potential but need a little extra love and care to give them a (re)purpose into beautiful, unique jewelry. Pieces found in the repurposed designer collection are consistent with age, and may include vintage pieces, aligning with the style and history. Please embrace the typical wear found with vintage pieces, which makes them unique in character. This is a natural part of owning something vintage. However, we aim to source well-made pieces that have the potential to last many years to come. Anytime an original piece is non-repairable and is used for repurposing; photos will be provided to see the transition from the original to the upcycled state, when applicable.

Handbags and Accessories reworked by 2nd Chance Trinkets (Optimized Designs) may include reconditioning the original zippers, leather, and paint to bring them back to the original state. Pieces beyond repair are repurposed by adding painted artwork, rivets, chains, and more, to give it a new look. Authentication services are provided for the handbags and will be provided in the listing when available. All authenticated handbags and accessories come with a money-back guarantee on authenticity. We are confident in our products and our authentication services that we guarantee the authenticity of this item to the point where if you were to find it not authentic, we would refund the amount of your initial purchase price.

Victorian Antique Jewelry created by 2nd Chance Trinkets (Optimized Designs) are pieces that date from the late-19th to mid-20th century. These pieces will mix old with new and will include items such as perfume buttons, metal buttons, enamel buttons, brooches, and more. Pieces are derived from different eras; Edwardian, Art Nouveau, Renaissance, Edwardian, and so on. 

Note: All newly purchased chains are 14kt gold plated, nickel-free, and tarnish resistant. However, vintage pieces come from various designers throughout the decades, so the exact materials used are unknown. Solid (real) gold chains are available upon request for an additional fee. 

Please note, prices of items vary according to the type, size, rarity, and effort put into repurposing or reconditioning each piece. 

Custom orders are available, so if you see something you find on another site, please contact me, and I will look into being able to recreate it for you.